Even you have set the width as 100vw (It means 100% of screen, correspondent with โ€˜h-screenโ€™ on TailwindCSS)

You got additional margin.

Because, the 100vw size doesn't count the size of scroll bar. To resolve this, You can choose two options.

Use โ€˜w-fullโ€™ but โ€˜w-screenโ€™

Use โ€˜w-fullโ€™ but โ€˜w-screenโ€™, and that count the size of scroll bar, and doesnโ€™t make additional margin.

Or add โ€˜w-max-fullโ€™

Or add โ€˜w-max-fullโ€™. It limits the width to full of width. And itโ€™s not over the full width of the screen.

Check a post on the StackOverFlow




Fredric Cliver

Fredric Cliver

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