When you draw a shadow on UITableViewCell. The overflowed part is cut. To prevent this, what you need to do is just set these two lines.

cell.clipsToBounds = falsecell.contentView.clipsToBounds = false

After this, all the the part of shadow is going to be drawing.

There isn’t any error reporting, but you could face with a problem that your app no longer showing an alternative localized strings.

Finally, I could find the missing semicolon ‘;’ (at the last of line 5)

After you put the explicit semicolon line finalizer, you can see the converted strings as what you expected.

Create view and code Files

Set the name as “MyViewController.xib”

When you use the pre-made URL preview class from UIKit, It is much easier to show the preview of any URL to the user. And it looks fancy.

You can’t add the LPLinkView into your storyboard as directly. you must use programmatic way for it.

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override ‘touchesEnded’ under your UIViewController class.

But if you want to catch the touch in a Subview like UITableView. that intercepts the event so, in that case, you have to override touch event under that Subview

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You can change the position of UIView using it.


But if you already setted the constraints with storyboard, that has a priority so, you can’t see the result as you expected.

I wanted to remove special characters in swift string.
Like [, {, “, &, etc.

let regex = NSRegularExpression(pattern: ".*[^A-Za-z0-9].*", options: nil, error: nil)!
if regex.firstMatchInString(searchTerm!, options: nil, range: NSMakeRange(0, searchTerm!.length)) != nil {
println("could not handle special characters")


But this kind of solution only support the English Latin alphabets.

In these solutions, I have to write all the characters in the Regex

Above solutions was not suit with my case.

My Solution

This is my solution. You can use CharacterSet.punctuationCharacters

This is the output.

hello, (Nice to- meet 한국 école %&$you all. 123 ! Давай العربية 😀hello Nice…

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You can use a custom URL for directing to App Store page for your app.

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