Adjusting Constraints for layout items in a UITableViewCell

A possible layout error in Xcode you could be faced with.

Add missing constraints for [~~] and [~~]? This will add enough constraints to resolve the ambiguity.
Increase vertical hugging of [~~] from 251 to 252 to keep its intrinsic height before other views.

When you design your table view cell, if you set all the constraints as fixed, these message could be shown on the layout hierarchy list.

It’s because Xcode need to know which layout constraint is more important when it’s been drawing, but there is the same priority among views which could be conflicted.

So, what you need for it is just change the importance level down or up on one of the views which can conflict implicitly.

So, I decided to make it is less important, that the lowest view when it’s showing in real screen with making ‘Content Hugging Priority’ point down

As following this fix, the view could be more stretched than what you expected, but all layout errors has been resolved.

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