Are you a language learner? 🌏 Here is my thought and personal journey 🚶 to share.

Fredric Cliver
5 min readAug 4, 2021


Have you tried to learn a language? Of course, there is no doubt in it.

What mobile app and offline way have you tried for?

Here is my Story.

Personal journey

I’m Korean, and in my narrow-minded perspective by an experience over 30 years. Over 95% of people have great complaints about the English education system.

Why? Because after over 10 years of education of English, Nearly no one can speak in English, Literally.

“Hi, My name is blah blah.” “One coffee, please.”

Me was, In my first trip to UK, about 4 years ago. I was perfectly average for English exam when I graduated from high school.

But, after the travel, I was able to be free. No one judged me about the bad English skill. And No one give me a harassment.

Subsequently, I could enjoy learning with these things

  1. Just watching YouTube
  2. Just watching YouTube.
  3. And mimicking the pronunciation.

I tried 1:1 personal tutoring and attending language school in London for a month. But, those things is just a brief moment. Just watching a YouTube and making sounds alone was the best thing.

Occasionally, I also tried very popular apps, but I couldn’t keep using more than a week.

Apps what I used


I guess nearly over 50% people already tried this app. And I found so many communities with people who obsessed with maintaining the learning streak. So, I think their gamification strategy worked so well. But it was not for me.

But, I’m not a fan of doing something repetitively. And I couldn’t choose, my learning course freely, and there is no opportunity to practise speaking.

Elsa Speak

The “Elsa Speak” doing so well to evaluating user’s pronunciation. But you may find huge complains about the lack of British Pronunciation. As a Korean, I realized, our country is too obsessed with the American pronunciation.

And You can find so many complaining in the UK App Store about the app due to they only allow the American pronunciation.

I will tell you a something.

If a British English teacher come to this country, they have to learn and change their accent to American English. Because if they do not, every child students and their parents start to complain about that. And they think that the not American sounds ruin the skill of their child.

I’ve heard it from many British English teacher.

Furthermore, there is no other language exist you can learn.


This app is also so popular. Most of the people is so nice, and they volunteer to make correction about misspells and grammar fault as free. And you can find so many people who can speak several languages and have a good pronunciation as well.

But, there is a variety of perverts at the same time. Many males looking for short dates, and frequently they send creepy pictures to the random users. 😥

As a male user, I haven’t opportunity to get those messages. But I’ve heard a lot from many female users who I met in offline language exchange meetup. And they always recommended the “Preply” as an alternative.

And I heard, some users has been sick of the endless repeating for the self introduction. Even though they can be hanging out with each other, actually. But there is no way to expand the actual skill of the language.

There are a lot

But I was never happy with other apps.

And I want to avoid talking about so many offline academies.

There are mountain-sized of test, academy, student, teacher but only for test itself. Who really want that? Only people can take money from students can be satisfied.

So what?

And I’ve made my language learning app after learning app development programming

The main purpose of my action is this.

  1. I prefer not to have a pressure about to learn grammars and vocabulary.
  2. I want to SPEAK.
  3. I’d like to listen to actual voices.
  4. But I feel it would be better not to spend a lot of time to prepare a lecture appointment like scheduling 1:1 call.
  5. I don’t want to spend $30 per an hour.

Here is one of the most I impressed scene in “The Crown” drama.

And check the site about my application here.



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