Are you a language learner? 🌏 Here is my thought and personal journey 🚶 to share.

Personal journey

I’m Korean, and in my narrow-minded perspective by an experience over 30 years. Over 95% of people have great complaints about the English education system.

  1. Just watching YouTube
  2. Just watching YouTube.
  3. And mimicking the pronunciation.

Apps what I used


So what?

And I’ve made my language learning app after learning app development programming
  1. I prefer not to have a pressure about to learn grammars and vocabulary.
  2. I want to SPEAK.
  3. I’d like to listen to actual voices.
  4. But I feel it would be better not to spend a lot of time to prepare a lecture appointment like scheduling 1:1 call.
  5. I don’t want to spend $30 per an hour.



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Fredric Cliver

Fredric Cliver

Majored in Physics, self-taught and worked in the IT industry as a Dev/Design/Planning for 11 years. And I had run my Startup for 3 years. I fancy a ☔️ 🇬🇧