Codility: TreeHeight

Test Page:



  1. On the first node, fire the ‘calculate’ method, and it goes to repeat until the child node hasn’t any child node of itself.
  2. On the progress, the ‘max’ variable is contained on the ‘calculate’ method, and it is going to be incremented when it has any child.
  3. The max parameter is received as ‘inout’ parameter, so when it has been updated, the change is not saved local on the method, it’s going to be updated on the top (at the solution method)




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Fredric Cliver

Fredric Cliver


Majored in Physics, self-taught and worked in the IT industry as a Dev/Design/Planning for 11 years. And I had run my Startup for 3 years. I fancy a ☔️ 🇬🇧