How to check all your untracked git files in the terminal.

Fredric Cliver
2 min readFeb 15, 2023
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Sometimes, when you periodically change your machine. You’d never expected that you might lose your codes. Cause you always use git.

But how about you haven’t tracked a few essential files?

Pods folder and node_modules are no problem, but how about regular code or environment files?

That is, you need to be careful and do double-check.

Here is a command to check all of the untracked and ignored files

List ignored files

$ git ls-files . --ignored --exclude-standard --others

List untracked files

$ git ls-files . --exclude-standard --others

You can use grep with the invert option to see all untracked files except specific directories, such as the Pods directory.

$ git ls-files . --ignored --exclude-standard --others | grep -v Pods
including Pods directory
Excluding Pods directory

Don’t forget to check whether your repository is perfectly synced as follows as your expectancy.



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