The Tailwindcss is a bunch of set of pre-defined CSS class.

If you are able to get support for code completion, you can easily be dealing with this.

Is this good enough?

As you know, Bootstrap is old enough. If you heard about Tailwind. You might hear about Bulma also.

Bulma is more similar to Bootstrap than Tailwind. and it would be easier for the beginner.

But, I recommend you write this more than another.

If you understand some of CSS or, you want to have a handle for designing fully, you should use the Tailwindcss.

Code Completion

You might fail with misspelling with the name of a pre-defined class name. So you need from some Code Completion aka. Intellisense.

There is an extension for this, but if you want to use this, you have to use tailwind as locally.

You have to install tailwind with npm and build this. but as you can do, we don’t want to do avoid many things as we can do.

So, I recommend you just use CDN version tailwind, and use another VSCode extension.

Install this ‘IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML’ and link with CDN version tailwind

and run extension.

“Cache CSS class definitions”

The extension you’ve installed will make a cache for every defined CSS class. and that will recommend the class name for you correctly.

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