Who is the Product Owner?

Fredric Cliver
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Who is the Product Owner?


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Usually, people think product owner takes a role as managements, and they make aligns of product making process and aligning priorities and checking the schedule.

The key is understanding

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But I would say, the best, ideal of product owner’s role is seeing through the whole team’s problem inside, and opening the ears towards a potential problem of product making.

In dev team, there are always technical debts and the most problem of ongoing development team is they can’t keep the product has less complexity and high effectiveness of each feature. Due to ignorance about potential threats enforced by outside.

After times and process going, more debts would be stacked and more human power and testing assurance process is needed. That makes increasing of development cost. and huge negative effect to company level.

In design team, normally design is forced to be rushed by schedule. And they can’t invest time and resource into the integration in brand and communication level.

Product design is the key of path to communicate with customers, and be able to project the high value of product image to users and that can accelerate the growth of the product.

To make that realize, design team should have investments of half of the whole available resources into the brand image and integration of service experiences with architecting entire user flow and consistency in UI/UX over all the products.

To make above things be possible, the company needs someone who takes the role. And the person or group of people have to invest their ability and efforts into the role.

A link drives each to go as one.

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Product manager or Product owner whatever has been called, those people have to understand the entire process underneath, not only visible tasks like 1 month retention, acquisition cost, deadline at front and usual project process.

I have invested my times in a career, that was not CEO who makes team and vision, or developer, designer who makes product, and marketer who calibrating and managing promotion and selling process.

I took each path. That was my intention to understand deeply under software, product-focused company.
I can plan the process and set the priority and better path of product and the integrity of company in a product perspective.

Some people think this is just ideal and no one can make being professional in that sense. But this concept is simple. This is what Indie makers are doing, this is the things much small team takes.

Company can find the efficiency and acceleration as combining the concept of “small team” perspective together.



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